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Meet Our Team

Allanna Rasul (Port of Spain Branch) & Vishanti Sookdeen (San Fernando Branch) – Secretaries

Allanna Rasul and Vishanti Sookdeen are the wonderful voice to hear on the other side of the telephone lines when you call, their main duties are answering calls, registering students, answering questions or quarries, taking payments and keeping track of bad debtors.

Vaniah Hope – Tutor

Vaniah Hope is a Registered Nurse, Phlebotomy Technician instructor, Phlebotomist and registered massage Therapist she holds a Degree in General Nursing. She is one of our main tutor for our E.C.G
Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant and Phlebotomy Programs. When Vaniah is not teaching you can find her at her business doing what she loves with a passion medical message therapy.

Maranatha Mangar – Assistant Tutor

Maranatha Mangar is a Registered Phlebotomist who has started a career in teaching at our service since 2016, her main role is to assist in practical training which is her main role, Maranatha always
pushes herself to be more skilled in the medical field by always pursuing new medical courses on her spare time.


Louange Davis- Assistant Tutor & Office Manager/ Administrator Assistant

Louange Davis is a Social worker she holds a Bachelor Degree in Social work, her main duty as office
manager is to be responsible for all general officer duties such as registering students, taking calls,
ordering materials and paying bills. Louange also assist in practical lecturing as she is also a
Phlebotomist. Outside of social work she has a passion for church.

Al Davis – Director, Tutor

Trinidad and Tobago Phlebotomy Training Services was founded in November 2011 by Mr. Everest Noel and Mr. Al Davis. Our services service is managed by Mr. Al Davis (General Manager) Mr. Al Davis is a Certified Trained U.K Phlebotomist and a U.S.A certified Phlebotomist Technician Instructor with over 7 years experienced in Pharmacy, Surgery, Lecturing and Phlebotomy, Al has always had a passion to bring change to the way Phlebotomy is offered in Trinidad and Tobago. Al is one of the main lecturer for the Phlebotomy program.