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About Our Company

Trinidad and Tobago Phlebotomy Training Services

Trinidad and Tobago Phlebotomy Training Services were founded in November 2011 by Mr. Everest Noel and Mr. Al Davis. Our institution is managed by a Board of Directors who ensures the highest quality of service is given to our stakeholders and the public, Quality is the institution main goal, to ensure quality is given to the public the institution is currently going through the rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance systems requirements of ACTT and is pending registration under ACTT.

Trinidad and Tobago Phlebotomy Training Services (TTPTS) is a registered medical training company which specializes in training for clinical professionals and other interested members of the public.

TTPTS is approved by EduQual, a regulated, UK-based awarding body itself approved by SQA Accreditation.
Please see https://eduqual.org.uk/ for further details.

Our Phlebotomy Technician program is accredited under One Awards U.K accreditation through our international affiliate Phlebotomy Training Services U.K, all our Phlebotomy certificates are accredited and come from One awards U.K. Our tuition and training are being and will continue to be, delivered by professional lecturers who have had several years of experience in the health/medical sector.

Some of our institution international affiliates are AMT, AAH, ACA, and AMCA

Mission Statement

To provide allied health training to the future and to focus on the advancement of students, with skills in allied health courses. We are here to provide the necessary learning environment so that each student will become a well-rounded, equipped student who will succeed in their future allied health career.