Diploma in Phlebotomy Skills (EduQual Level 4) 39 Credits – A Phlebotomy Technician is an essential member of the medical laboratory team. A phlebotomy technician’s primary task is to collect patient blood samples through venipuncture. New diagnostic techniques, clinical laboratory technology, and automated instruments have greatly increased the volume of and demand for medical laboratory testing. Some of the tasks a phlebotomist would carry out are: verifying patient records, testing drug levels in the blood, labeling and storing blood samples for processing, analyzing body fluids, performing patient interviews. Phlebotomy is an excellent stepping stone to other careers in health care such as medical assistants, Laboratory Technician, and Nursing. The phlebotomy technician profession is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the UK, U.S. and Caribbean and is expected to rapidly increase in the coming years.

Award in Basic Laboratory and Phlebotomy Skills and IV Cannulation (EduQual Level 3) 8 Credits                                             

This course is aim to provide training to members of the public how wish to gain basic training in Basic Laboratory and Phlebotomy Skills and IV Cannulation, it is excellent for RN’s, CAN, PCA’s or any members of the medical area.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction To Phlebotomy
  • Health & Safety Workshop
  • Needle Stick Injuries
  • IV Cannulation
  • How To Use A Tourniquet
  • Standard IV Cannulation Technique
  • Demonstrate how to Place an IV Cannulation
  • Hazards and Complications
  • How to Take a Blood Sample
  • Blood Requisition Form
  • Order of Draw
  • Role-Play With Equipment
  • Operating Laboratory Equipment
  • Understand Laboratory Setting and Practices