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Book collecting is the collecting of booksincluding seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever books are of interest to a given collector. The love of books is bibliophiliaand someone who loves to read, admire, and a person who collects books is often called a bibliophile but can also be known as collector book wiki free bibliolatermeaning being overly devoted to books, or a bookman which is another term for a person who has a love of books.

Book collecting can be easy and inexpensive: there are millions of new and used books which are available in brick and mortar bookstores as well as online bookstores. And there are independent booksellers that can be found online by searching key words such as: books, books for sale, bookseller, bookstore, rare books, collectibles, etc. Books traditionally were only printed on paper and then pages were bound together; however, in the past decade or so, books are also available in audio format through websites such as Audible, Google Audiobooks, Librivox, Kobo Audiobooks, and Downpour.

Users of these sites can purchase a large library of books that they can access at any time using a phone, tablet, or computer. Just like hard copy books, audio books can be accumulated over many years.

Wealthy book collectors pursue rarities such as the Gutenberg Bibleand Shakespeare’s First Foliobooks which are both famous and extremely valuable. Collectors of lesser means may collect works by a favorite author, first editions of modern authors, or books of a certain genre. Some collectors join associations such as The Fine Press Book Associationwhich collector book wiki free aimed at collectors of modern fine printing.

The Private Libraries Association also covers modern fine printing, but is much more general in its outlook. In the ancient world, papyri and scrolls the precursors of the book in codex form were collected by both institutions and private individuals.

In surviving accounts there are references to bibliophile book collectors in that era. Xenophon wrote disparagingly of a man who tried to collect more books than his friends. In the English bishop Richard de Bury collector book wiki free The Philobiblonin which he praised the love and appreciation of books. With the advent of the printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, which resulted in cheaper and more abundant books, and with the contemporaneous economic, social and political changes of the Renaissancebook collecting received a great impetus.

Jean Grolierthe Treasurer-General of France, was an important bibliophile and book collector of this period. He was a patron of the Aldine Press that had been founded by the prominent Biok printer, typographer, editor and wiko Aldus Manutius the Elder. During the Reformation many monastic libraries were broken up, and their contents often destroyed.

The commissioners of Edward VI plundered and stripped universitycollegeand monastic libraries; so to save books from being destroyed, those who could, such collector book wiki free Archbishop Matthew Parker and Sir Robert Cottonbegan to collect them. By booj late 17th century, millions of printed books читать статью in circulation and auctions devoted to books began to occur and printed catalogues devoted to books began to be issued by book dealers and by auction houses in Europe and America, leading to a growing popularity of book collecting with the increasingly literate public.

With the advent of the Romantic era in the 18th century and its focus on the past, book collectors began to show an interest читать полностью old books, antiquarian editions and manuscripts.

This new emphasis was nourished by the flood of old books onto the market following the dissolution of monastic and aristocratic libraries during the French Wiku and the Napoleonic Wars. Strengths of his collection included first editions of the classics; works produced by important early presses, booo notably an almost complete collection of Aldine editions ; and many Bibles. Sir Thomas Phillipps collected 40, printed books and 60, manuscripts.

The increasingly wealthy United States during the 19th century saw the appearance of “titan” book collectors such xollector the railroad magnate Henry Huntington and the financier and banker J. Pierpont Morgan. Book prices generally depend on the demand for a given book, the number of copies available for purchase, and the condition of a given copy.

As with other collectibles, prices rise and fall with the popularity of a given author, title, or subject. Because of the huge number of books for sale and the constant changing marketplace of editions available, there is no single comprehensive price guide for collectible books. The prices of the copies listed for sale at the online bookseller sites provide some indication of rfee current market values.

Both адрес these religious boom were sold in As with other collectibles, the value of freee book ultimately depends on its physical condition. Years of handling, moving, and storage take their toll on the dust jacketcover, pages, and binding. Books are subject to damage from sunlight, moisture, and insects. Acid from the paper making process can cause the pages to develop brown spots, called foxing ; gradually turn brown, called tanning ; and ultimately crumble.

A book in good condition should be a rectangular solid when at wikl, whether upright or on its back, with the covers at right angles to the spine. If a book is out of square, usually from resting crooked on a shelf, or leans to the right or left when on its back, it is cockedor shelf-cocked.

If the covers bend in or flare out, usually from rapid humidity changes, a book is bowed bent like a drawn bow. Thick hardbound books also tend to have their pages sag downward in the middle even if they are sitting level on a shelf. New books are readily available from bookstores and online. Out-of-print, used, antiquarian, rare and collectible books are available in specialty bookstores both in person and online.

Collector book wiki free online booksellers such as AbebooksAlibrisAmazonand Bibliolist inventory from other stores and collectors charging them a monthly fee and commission charges.

Smaller online rare book stores can be found by doing a general search engine inquiry using keywords such as: rare books, collectible books, rare collectibles, out of print books for sales. Antique and collectible stores may have books for sale as well. Major auction houses auction off rare and collectible books; some local auction houses sell rare books by the carton.

Other sources can include estate, yard, garage, or rummage sales; and charity fund-raisers. Antiquarian book collecting may be roughly defined as an interest in books printed prior to and can encompass interest in 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th, and 15th-century books. Antiquarian book collectors are not exclusively interested in first editions and first printings, although they can be. European books created before are all hand-written and are therefore one-of-a-kind historical artifacts in which the idea of “edition” and “printing” is irrelevant.

Any book printed up to the year is known as an incunable or incunabulum. Such books command a premium and are particularly sought after by collectors interested in the history of printing. For example, a coklector edition of Paradise Lost by John Milton can fetch equivalent to a down payment on a house. However, the first illustrated folio edition oftechnically a later edition, is feee a fraction of the first edition, but still fetches in the collector book wiki free of dollars as an illustrated book from the era in which Milton lived.

The first edition of is worth a small fortune whereas slightly later 18th-century editions are a lot less expensive but collector book wiki free garner premium prices. The John Ogilby 17th-century translations of Homer ‘s The Iliad and The Odyssey garner hefty prices, but collector book wiki free as much as the first edition of the Pope translation. This may be in part due to a significant number of copies of Ogilby’s first edition that probably perished in the Great Fire of London of The first English movable-type printer was Caxton in the late 15th century.

Editions of his books from the 15th century are very rare. Occasionally, 16th-century editions similar to Caxton’s books appear among antiquarian book dealers and auctions, often fetching very high prices. For the antiquarian collector, how a collector book wiki free book’s production fits into a larger historical context can be as important as the edition, even if it may not be a first edition.

Also of interest are books previously owned by famous persons, or personages of high stature, such as someone from royalty or collector book wiki free nobility. Tracing the history перейти an antiquarian book’s possession history, referred to as ” wikl “, can markedly affect the value of a copy, even if it is not wikl per se. For example, a copy of a less-important 18th-century book known to have been owned by Voltaire would achieve a value many times its stand-alone market value, simply collector book wiki free it was once in Voltaire’s possession.

Previous owners of books collector book wiki free signed their copies or labelled them with bookplatesand it is often not difficult to identify a prominent previous owner if the provenance is well documented.

Books owned by well-known individuals that also have a connection frew the author often as a gift from the author with a written dedication collector book wiki free the recipient are known as Association copies. The American School Library is an example of colletcor very rare multi-volume boxed set with works collector book wiki free many popular or famous authors.

The history of book collecting in China dates back over two millennia. An important effort to collect books in China was made during the early Han Dynasty by the government, as many important books collector book wiki free burned during the Qin Dynasty. From then on, book collecting began to flourish in China, particularly after the invention of block printing during the early Tang Dynastywith both imperial and private collections blooming throughout the country. However, the systematic study of book collecting began only during the Qing Dynasty.

Coloector book collecting can be described as collecting books collector book wiki free a digital format virtually on a computer or other electronic device. A bibliophile may acquire ebooks by downloading them or copying from borrowed media, such as CDs and DVDs. However, this may violate copyright law, depending on the license collector book wiki free which the ebook was released.

Ebooks acquired from Project Gutenberg and many similar free collections cause no violation as they have gone out of copyright, have been released under a Creative Commons licenseor else are in the public domain.

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