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The main benefit of a Sprint Zero is that it allows a team to get an idea of the work ahead of them. They can then self-organize in order to. Sprint 0 can be defined as the period when the Agile team assesses the amount of work needed. Given its similarity to Scrum, some use the terms.


Agile sprint zero. What is Sprint Zero? Sprint Zero Explained

What is Sprint 0? Many agilists interpret sprint 0 differently. Some think prototyping should not take place during sprint 0, some believe it is strictly an opportunity to hydrate and estimate the backlog. And there are some that do not believe it is necessary at all. To me, sprint 0 is a critical practice that will help set a solid foundation. Feb 02,  · Sprint Zero is often considered an agile-sounding term for pre-Sprint preparation work where no increment of product value is provided at all. In reality, the whole intent of the Sprint is lost. To be a Sprint, something of value must be . Feb 27,  · Sprint Zero doesn’t need to happen in a time box; you can take all the time you need. After all, you haven’t become “Agile” yet, and .


Agile sprint zero

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