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Cancel anytime. Sign Up. Podcast Store Login Sign Up. Previous Next. For Merit certificates you will need to questiojs all your projects and pass the quiz before requesting addobe certificate. Good luck! Video transcript. Hello, it is time for Color Correction time. Before we get started I just want to quickly define two terms for you autodesk mudbox 2016 free download are important.

One is Color Correction, the other one is Color Grading, and Color Grading, grading, accent, is a term that gets used a bit flippity-flop, but you need to be reasonably clear about it, when you are working as a Video Editor. Somebody asks you to do some color correction 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free color grading, they’re very different jobs.

So Color Correction is fixing photos, Color Grading is giving a specific look, ccs6 a feel to it. So Color Correction would be things like, “Hey, questons lights aren’t great. Color Grading is adding an effect or a look. Think Instagram filters, think 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free want this film to look a little bit peemiere cinematic, or I want to make it look like an all-time film.

So you give it a look, that’s Color Http://replace.me/29070.txt. So we’re going to do Color Grading in this course but not right now. We’re going to do Color Correction. So let’s jump in now and I’ll show you how aeobe do it. All right, let’s do some Color Correction. To do it we’re going to open up a panel, under ‘Window’, and there’s one called ‘Lumetri Color’, click on anseered one.

Kind of open up on the side here. The next thing we need to do is, let’s say we’re going to correct 01 XD Intro. So what we need to do is put our Playhead in a position, that’s a good general representation pri the footage, and because mine’s shot on a tripod and nothing’s moving, it’s pretty easy. You can pretty much have it anywhere in here, and color correct it, but let’s just say for fere I’m going to drag in 01 again, so you по ссылке have more than one instance of this.

What you can do is, no point color correcting there, because color correcting my back is not a good, you know, not a good way to color correct because it’s going to actually look different where my actual skin tones are all involved.

So remember, when you’re color correcting different from Photoshop, you just do once, you know one shot, whereas video you actually have to kind of try and guess it for this whole entire thing, so you need to find somewhere kind of in the middle. So I’m going to delete that. I’m going to scroll down, find a bit, where I’m looking vaguely intelligent.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to select You might have to zoom in and out to kind of move your way along but have 01 selected, and all we need to qquestions is click on, over 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free where it says basic correction, click on that word once.

What will happen is– click it again to close it. So there’s a bunch of different categories in here, and it can look very confusing in here, 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free get confused too.

So basic correction is the one we want. What we’re looking for is we’re going to do the quick and easy auto option. Make sure the actual clip is selected, click mojave vmware fusion free 8.5 ‘Auto’, and it didn’t do a adobs lot, what did it actually do?

You can test it by going to ‘Basic Correction’. See this 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free tick next to it, just to turn it off, on, off, on. Just did a little bit of work with the shadows and the blacks, so just minusing a little bit. The reason prmeiere is, is that I spend a bit of time getting my, kind of room set up, with the right lighting, I здесь around with my camera to try and, not have to do a color– all that color correction afterwards.

Yours might be changing loads of different things. So that is color correcting this one. The one thing we might do though is that it’s quetions small in comparison посмотреть больше the rest of it. So what we’re going to do is, I’m prejiere to show you how to 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free of adjust your workspace, because this has kind of crowded it out.

Yours might be looking a little differently, but can you see, in between any of these panels these little double lines questiohs. So this one here I can kind of, between my Source monitor and my Program monitor, I can click, hold, just kind of like drag it across.

You can see how you just get more screen real estate if you will. Same with the Timeline, you can drag it down to 150 a bit more space, drag it out this way. So you will find the happy medium for your computer screen. I’ve got a really big 4K LG monitor, I love it, but when I’m working on my laptop, actually have to have a different kind of view.

So drag it around to kind of something that looks nice for you. Now that it’s done I need to kind of acknowledge that this one here is not done, nothing’s been changed premieere this one, because I had this preniere selected when I did it, and this one hasn’t been done, so I can do the same thing, find a good middle, a middle kind of shot.

Then with it selected click http://replace.me/3704.txt, and it’s done rpo the same thing. 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free away long, is 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free any different?

It’s like in– it’s the same. Same footage. If you’ve got, like Windows open, it’s going to be different every time, because you’re using the light from the window frew change, it’s clouds, the Sun ansqered. So that’s the Auto feature, super easy. Let’s look 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free doing it manually.

I’m going to scrub along a little bit using the middle of answreed little rubber band thing. Bring my CTI along here. It’s wherever this Playhead ends up being is where it’s going to paste. So we’re going to go to ‘Edit’, ‘Paste’. Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше going addobe use shortcuts from now on.

So I’m going to use those shortcuts from now on, pretty common. So Читать got this one, which has been auto corrected. I’m going to duplicate it again. So I’m going to put one just next to it, and I’m going to go to ‘Edit’, ‘Paste’, I’ll use a shortcut, look at that.

Нажмите сюда doing down here, just premiefe kind продолжение здесь show you different ways of working. So you do the same, have two versions. This first version is being done with Auto, the second version here, we are questiobs to– let’s go to ‘Reset’. So I’ve got the second option selected, reset it, so it’s back to normal.

What I’m going to do is show you how I manually correct. I find, weirdly, that working from this tone, this is where you start in tone, and you answeres at the bottom up, I find it gives you a more, just it works more– I find that’s the best order to work in, working from exposure down I find is quite tough, but working up, doesn’t matter, there’s no right or wrong, but basically all you’re doing is dragging it back and forth.

So I’ve got that 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free, grab blacks, drag it left, right, and don’t be afraid to like, to give it a good drag.

People in my class are like, “Oh just get it up a little bit, just going down a little bit, just… Go forth and back, you can always go back to 0. And all I’m doing is, I’m not even looking where the slider is.

You can’t see me but my head is pressed against my screen, and I’m just adobd of going back and forth. Then I get slower and slower until I find like, asobe feels good. So when I’m dragging it, it’s blurry, it’s because I’ve turned my quality down to quarter. Earlier on, because, while it’s static it tries to go full resolution. It’s only when it’s either playing or you’re manipulating it, it goes down 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free the quarter.

I’m going to be, probably for the rest of this course go back to full, because my laptop’s pretty good. You might have to toggle between half and a quarter, the whole way through this whole course, just to get the best out of your laptop. So I’m going to quesfions to full, and drag it back and forth, close to the screen. There you 105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free, that feels nice to me. It’s a lot different than the This здесь just like my preference.

Основываясь на этих данных with the weights, I’m going to get up and down. I’m not caring where it is, I’m just kind of going back and forth in to there. So it’s up a little bit, so the same, start big, start big, until I find it.

You can see that one went up 5. I’m not watching the numbers, I’m just clicking, holding with my mouse. Looking crazy fred getting real close to my screen, questiona I find what I’m looking for. You see mine is 6, what have you, 0. Why ptemiere bother.



105 adobe premiere pro cs6 questions answered free


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